Small selection of fish specialities € 17,00
Tuna Fish tartare, raspberries sauce, taralli bread and olives€ 18,00

Shrimps, almonds, asparagus and saffron sauce € 17,00

Marinated salmon with black rice poke   16,00

Codfish with baked vegetables and mayonnaise with basil € 17,00                                                                  

Puntarelle, anchovies sauce and toasted bread  16,00                                                                

Sliced culatello with potatoes rosti and onions jam  16,00

Beef tartare served with Castelmagno cheese and mostarda (candied fruit in spicy syrup) 17,00

Steamed bun, piglet coppa, red cabbage and mustard mayonnaise € 16,00

Tarte tatin with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and oregano € 15,00


Spaghetti with oil, garlic and scampi  17,00

Dumplings with courgette flowers, zucchini and clams  17,00                                                              

Cuttlefish carbonara tagliolini pasta with cuttlefish ink crumble  15,00                    

Trofie pasta with cacciucco and crumble of garlic bread  17,00   

Spaghetti with Pecorino cheese, peppers, pears and pistachios crumble 16,00

Bundle with codfish, puntarelle and anchovies € 15,00

Tajarin pasta with steer meat and radicchio sauce € 15,00

Ravioli with Burrata cheese, tomatoes, eggplant and basil  17,00

Rice salted with saffron and asparagus soutè (min. 2 pers.) 16,00

Risotto with tuna fish tartare, lemon and capers (min 2 pers.) 17,00


Baked, grilled or in a salt crust sea bass (min. 2 pers.)    € 25,00

Turbot with asparagus, mayonnaise and egg roe € 27,00 

Shrimps and zucchini tempura € 26,00

Tataki of tuna fish, sesame, avocado, mango and passion fruit € 27,00

Sea bram, eggplant, basil and tomato € 24,00

Beef fillet, Sichuan pepper, vegetables and Mirto sauce € 30,00

Argentine Angus beef and potatoes chips € 28,00

Iberian pluma with tomatoes chutney and mixed salad € 26,00

Veal with artichokes and pennyroyal € 28,00

Potato flan, pan cooked vegetables and Pecorino cheese fondue € 24,00


All main courses are accompanied by side dishes prepared daily


Creamy ice cream with whiskey and honey € 8,00
Fior di latte ice cream with crunchy nuts, chocolate € 8,00

Lemon sorbet with blueberries and grappa € 8,00
Sicilian semifreddo, pistachio and black cherries € 8,00

Tiramisu with rice ladyfingers and cocoa crumble € 8,00

Tarte tatin with apple and cinnamon ice cream € 8,00

Shortbread with fresh fruit, vanilla cream and salted caramel € 8,00

Chocolate tiramisù and pear ice cream € 8,00

Crepes with Nutella and Grand Marnier € 8,00

Olive oil chocolate flan and strawberries coulis € 8,00

Decomposed cheesecake with berries and hazelnut crumble € 8,00

Raspberry tart au gratin € 8,00
Fresh fruit salad € 8,00

Single dish, meat or fish, consisting of first, second and side dish € 23,00
Cover charge € 2,50

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